About us


Chandana Maliha Seva Samsthe is an NGO registered on 23/11/2016. The society works with many Government, Non-Government & local organizations. We believe there is no tool for development more effective than the Empowerment of Women & Children. Hence, the main motto of the society is Children & Women Education and overall Rural development.

Education acts as a catalyst in social transformation, but there are many children who are far away from it because of poverty, lack of awareness, lack of school facilities etc. By keeping this thing in mind we have started a Nursery School for children, where they can get basic education.

The society is also running various livelihood training programs like Tailoring program, ready-made garment making program, agarbatti making program, handicrafts, cooking etc. for rural women.

We have also conducted many awareness programs on “Devadasi” system for rural, SC/ST women. After spreading awareness on “Devadasi system” we try to get them help from the Government.


  1. To empower rural SC/ST, and socially marginalized women and bring them in the mainstream of the society
  2. To create accessibility of quality education to the rural poor children from low-income and socially-backward class
  3. To empower and uplift the Devadasi women through education and awareness programs
  4. To ensure good health and nutrition of poor children
  5. To make the environment sustainable through various programs like water conservation, dams contruction etc. in rural areas
  6. To provide livelihood trainings and entrepreneurship skill trainings to the women in rural areas to stop migration from rural to urban area.
  7. To support students with disability through education and literacy programs
  8. To preserve cultural art and cultural diversity by establishing cultural training centre.
  1. We are all society members & directors are as well as complety womens because we know the real fact of SC,ST womens so we are giving so many programs them
  2. To provide quality education to poor and rural students. Who are backwardly & income back wardly weaker sectin students we are giving to vocational & traditional training to womens & un employed youths.
  3. Compalsary we are trying to given ecomded adjustmentfor devadasi section & controlled the prostitution so compalsary we are given their awarness programs & education.
  4. We are giving to poor children they wants health & nutration because they should not suffuring fronm many diseses
  5. Our society had taken emvornment programs for rural areas  amd save water throw caek dams trunks & small bunds for small scale agriculture womens
  6. We are given to uplift womens for vacationaltraining course and promot enterprenership to stop migration rural areas urban areas to purpose of parsuit of native jobs and appurtunity of opointment help to them
  7. To provide to running independent pre primary school at rural areas peoples to help handicapt students & disability students our motive aim & achievements of orphan school didage home and litrery programs conducting
  8. The direct beneficiours of this programs & project to give many work shop for youths. To established cultural training centers to preserve to promote the cultural diversty of the reion asst, the poor artists whgo are the interested in cultured programme we can running them to programs reasonable monitory returns to organize music, drama, dance,nad other cultural painting debates and other cultural shows of the benefits of artists students and public to arrange lectures demonistratin situation and simler programme to create awarnes about the art & culture from and the like.


Participated in national pulse polio program 2018-19
We have conducted & completed training program in tailoring for women from rural as well as urban areas.
Successfully conducted Consumer Awareness Program 2018-2019
Conducted and completed 3 months Beautician Course at 3 places in taluk to create livelihood opportunity for the unemployed women & girls
Conducted an exhibition on the occasion of Women’s Day.
Established a pre-primary school for poor children

Training Programs

  1. Agarbatti making

  2. Readymade garment making

  3. Cooking

  4. SHGs formation and training

  5. Bank Linkage trainings for SHGs women

5. Dance Classes for Girls

6. Consumer awareness programs for rural women and slum area women

7. Handicrafts training

8. Awareness & rehabilitation programs for women sex-workers of rural area.