Informal Education

as we know the importance of education for women, we are providing Informal/alternative education through various programs to SC/ST women from low income & socially marginalized background

Consumers awareness program

the consumer awareness program was organized in Arginamara camp where we addressed the rural community on Adulteration in food grains and consumable items. The speaker of that program was a local resource person invited by us

Organic farming program

Organic farming practice leads to sustainable agriculture & horticulture, it also maintains soil nutrients. Awareness program on Organic farming practice was conducted in portal village by involving 34 local farmers

SHG formation linkage and income generation program

we have formed 12 SHGs of women in 5 villages of sindhanur block and oriented them on nSHG concept, Saving books, income generation activities and vocational courses. 110 members have participated in the program

Devadasi rehabilitation program

we have conducted skill development trainings and income generation activities for Devadasis of the village in sindhanur block for their upliftment & empowerment

Awareness on watershed development

Awareness program on watershed development was organized in jawalgera by involving 34 local farmers.they were oriented on watershed development, rainwater harvesting structures like dams, farm ponds to improve water bodies.

Road safety program

A quiz competition on “Road safety” was conducted for high school students in village. 122 students from 4 different local schools had participated. Winners got the prizes

Legal literacy program

legal literacy program was organized in the village puladinni in sindhanur taluk to create awareness on legal rights under the constitution. Local resource person from the Legal Aid cell was the speaker. We addressed 56 participants under this program.

Environment education program

on the occasion of World Environment Day, 200 trees were planted at the premises of 12 Govt. primary schools and environment protection awareness was created among students.

Skill development program

Skill development trainings like carpentry, motor rewinding, tailoring were conducted for the unemployed youths to create opportunity for livelihoods. 36 trainee from 6 villages have been trained under this program

Child labor eradication program

under this program 26 child labors were identified from 14 villages of sindhanur block and sensitized towards education. 8 children were mainstreamed. Counseling of their parents was organized to motivate them to support their child education and send them to schools for formal education.

Gender sensitization program

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sensitization on gender equality program was organized at Govt. Junior college for girls. Gender equality related issues and gender biasness related issues were addressed and sensitized among students. Total participants under this program were 96.